“My name is Mike and I’m a blue belt under Coach Casey. For 2 years I sat on the parents bench and watched as my son fell in love and excelled in the sport of Jiu Jitsu. Along with two other parents, Doug and John, we talked about Jiu-Jitsu, clueless and out of shape, trying to comprehend what our children were doing on the mats. Ultimately, we came to a crossroads. A pact by three broken down dad’s to join our kids in their jiu jitsu journey. Fast foward almost 2 years later and we are all still actively training. Jiu jitsu has definitely superseded all of my expectations. Not only has it changed my life in a myriad ways, ie. weight loss, flexibility, my family and I embracing a healthier lifestyle, but, to top it all off, a unique commonality and bond with my son. If you’re thinking of dabbling in the art of Jiu Jitsu, look no further than the family @10plasvegas and the super talented @coachcasey10 and his dope team of badass coaches. “
– Mike Nava

“10th planet has completely changed my life for the better. I signed up as a dare to myself before I turn 30 to do something that no one would expect of me. I was overweight, inactive, and had unhealthy habits and relationships, and certainly doing Jiujitsu was not my thing. I never played sports and never watched a fight in my life. I was completely addicted from the first free trial class I took. I remember the positive energy how nice everyone was to me and how incredibly difficult, rewarding, and extremely fun Jiu Jitsu was in my 10th planet gym (which would later become my home away from home) compared to the one other gym I tried, I signed up for a year right then and there. I’ve lost over 55lbs, gained a whole healthy lifestyle, lost unhealthy relationships, and gained lifelong friends. I truly owe my life to jiujitsu and 10th planet.”
– Scott Fraser

“10th planet has helped me tremendously in my health and well-being. The team there has become like family, we support each other, push and give when it’s needed and understand that the work outs we do help us physically and mentally. I thank 10th planet for being my escape from problems and has taught me to live a healthier life all around.”
– John Murillo

“I LOVE JIU JITSU! About 2 and a 1/2 years ago I didn’t even know how to spell the words. Training at 10th Planet has completely transformed my lifestyle into a health craving, goal driving, ongoing force. It brought out the absolute best part of me, where I take care of my diet because I don’t want to feel lazy when I get to the gym. I work on stretching and breathing because I don’t want to lose my breath or injure myself when I’m doing the drills. I read more so that I can condition my mind for my coach’s lessons. I get things done early because I don’t want to be late for class. Just by trying to improve my jiu-jitsu, I ended up improving my life! Because of doing all these great habits, not only have I ranked up to a blue belt, I have been able to lose over 50 pounds, accomplish more than 20 personal goals, got into a healthy relationship, received a promotion at my job, developed confidence in self defense, and gained a family out of a team full of people I would’ve never met otherwise. I am so happy I took that first step on the mat. The journey to my black belt in jiu jitsu has lead me to want to be a black belt in everything.”
– AJ Bendicion

“It’s not who’s good. It’s who’s left.” – Chris Haueter

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